Friendly Kitchen

The first Sunday of the Month members of Concordia Lutheran Church volunteer.  We provide food and help prepare the evening meal.  If you would like information about how you can help please call the church office at 603-224-0277 or Contact Pastor Jon at pastorjon8675@hotmail.com.

October Outreach                                                                                                                 

We are collecting packages of clean white cotton socks for the Friendly Kitchen.  You can put them in the box outside the office.

MLK Meal Packaging       

During the month of November, we collect funds to support our Meal Packaging Project. We package the meals on MLK Day.

Acentria Giving Tree

During the month of December, we purchase gifts for foster children and their foster families to be distributed for Christmas.  If you chose to participate the gift tags will be available on the tree in the fellowship hall.

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