Sunday School

Children are the future of our church and ministry.

The joy, excitement, and love they exhibit are daily reminders of God’s love for us, and a sign of His hope for our future. At Concordia, we believe that a child’s exuberance must be nurtured, encouraged, and combined with an appreciation and respect for God’s creation. We strive to teach our children that love of God, and service to others, is an ideal that all people should endeavor for.   We don’t believe that children are too young to understand these lessons. In fact, most times they are able to learn and assimilate these teachings much more easily than adults! For as any parent can tell you, children are often smarter than we realize, and they are always ready and willing to try new things.

Sunday School Format                                                                

The Christian Education committee worked hard to come up with a great program that will address some of our challenges as a Church.

1) We are looking to include more people in our teaching and learning at Concordia.

2) We want this to be a meaningful experience for the kids and adults.

3) We wanted to create something for the growing youth population (especially those that have finished confirmation).

This means that we are going to have four different ways of teaching each month. Each month has a theme and each week there is a different way to teach that theme.

  • The first Sunday of every month will be a regular Sunday School lesson.
  • The second Sunday will be a music Sunday. This may include singing, and making/playing instruments.
  • The third Sunday will be a family Sunday. We will have crafts, games, and food for the whole family. With a focus on giving families tools/activities to bring their faith into lives throughout the week. This Sunday we will also have a youth breakfast club at the parsonage. This is instead of the Adult Forum.
  • Fourth Sunday will a service project.

(There is only one month (March) when there is a fifth Sunday and we will be having Sunday school. We will have that be a free day where anything might happen!)

The themes for the months are as follows (Sunday School schedule TBD, due to COVID-19):

  • September: Who is Jesus?
  • October: Welcome-Jesus blesses the little children
  • November: Love, God, neighbor, and self
  • December: Advent and Christmas
  • January: Epiphany: Wise men, Jesus’ Baptism, light
  • February: Fish for people
  • March: Temptation
  • April: Easter: Mary anoints Jesus with oil
  • May: Jesus Lives

We want your help. If you have something to share with our children a talent, a piece of wisdom, a craft, a story, or anything else you can think of let us know. We are looking for people to take different parts of this and help us out! We have five dedicated Sunday School teachers but it is all of our jobs to teach our kids about God’s love and grace. We need you! We will be asking people who we think have different gifts to share them with the kids and adults. We are really excited about this new program. We believe it will be a great way for our congregation to teach and learn about God. Thank you for your support!

Sunday School students also put on a play at Christmas, one of the high-points on our congregational calendar.

Sunday School is offered at 9:00 AM during the school year, except during school vacations. The ages of children attending Sunday School run from Pre-K (age 3) up through Grade 6. Classes are grouped together as follows: Pre-K/Kindergarten; 1st/2nd Grade; 3rd/4th Grade; 5th/6th Grade.

Call the Church to register! (603) 224-0277  or email at

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